Q: How many days will it take to learn Music?

A: Well that depends primarily on the student’s talent. But anyone who practices regularly and do the homework as taught without compromise. She/he can learn the entry level in approximately one and a half years.


Q: Do we get a certificate?

 A: Yes. First there is a basic syllabus designed from our school. And the candidate who does pass all those is eligible for Trinity Board Exams.


Q: Will there be a compensation for taking leaves?

 A: Yes, but only for genuine reasons.


Q: Do we have to buy an Instrument?

 A: Yes, you have to buy an Instrument which has at least a basic level functions. And for long term learners little advanced ones are suggested.


Q: Do we have to bring the Instrument for classes?

 A: Except Keyboard and Drums all other Instruments have to be brought for the classes.


Q: Do you have weekend classes?

 A: Yes, we do have on Saturday. Sunday is a holiday.


Q: Do you have any age limit for learning Music in your school?

 A: Yes, for Keyboard alone it’s from 7 years and above. For other Instruments it’s 10 years and above. There are some exceptional cases. Like if the student is gifted in Music he/she can be enrolled before the age limit but only after direct authentication from school.