A drum kit, drum set or trap set is a collection of drums and other percussion instruments set up to be played/struck by a single player.

A standard modern kit (for a right-handed player), as used in popular music and taught in many music schools, contains:

A Snare Drum, mounted on a stand, placed between the player’s knees and played with drum sticks (which may include rutes or brushes)

A Bass Drum, played by a pedal operated by the right/left foot

A Hi-Hat stand and cymbals, operated by the left foot and played with the sticks, particularly but not only with the right hand stick

One or more Tom-Tom drums, played with the sticks

One or more Cymbals, played with the sticks

All of these are classed as non-pitched percussion, allowing for the music to be scored using percussion notation, for which a loose semi-standardized form exists for the drum kit. If some or all of them are replaced by electronic drums, the scoring and most often positioning remains the same, allowing a standard teaching approach. The drum kit is usually played seated on a drum stool or throne. The drum kit differs in general from those traditional instruments that produce melody or chords/pitch even though drums are often placed musically alongside others that do, such as the piano or stringed instruments.

Mathan School of music is a Western Music School in the city of Coimbatore. The academy trains in Western forms of music. We Teach Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Violin, Piano, Classical Guitar, Recorder & Theory Of Music


Since the drum kit is impossible to carry for each class and takes more than a couple of hours to set up and tuned. The student enrolled for the program doesn’t have to worry carrying one. Each of our centres has a Drum Set kept for training. All the study materials are purely structured with percussion notations keeping the originality of music from basic to advanced level. Various stick control practices and methods will be taught separately in a Practice Pad. Students have to buy their own Stick separately which will be given by the school during enrollment. The classes are centralized with Air Conditioning.

After the student gets flexible with the stick control they will get to various styles of drumming like ballad, rock style, disco etc. They will be also given training along with tracks and accompaniment.

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