Adult and Seniors Music Classes

Can Adults take Music Lessons?

The Answer is Simply, YES!….. There is no age barrier in learning music.


There are a lot of benefits in taking music lessons as an adult (Age 20+). Studies have shown that adult’s brains develop better when exposed to music, their behaviour and emotions are influenced by music lessons, and they learn necessary social skills from music lessons.

Few things you can expect from taking music lessons as Adults

Music lessons will be challenging

You might be nervous

It might take a while to feel like you’ve “gotten anywhere”

You might find other areas of life improving

Course Format

Batch Size: Minimum 2 Classes/Week, Maximum 6 Classes/Week (From Monday to Saturday)

Duration: 1 Hour/Class



  • Help them Understand how music is built by different elements.
  • Help them apply these understanding to work towards performing perfectly
  • To build understanding through listening and responding
  • Start to understand the nuances of performance

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