Teens Music Classes

Mathan School of music professional teaching staff is dedicated to making your teen’s music learning experience stimulating and fun. Our teachers use a creative and nurturing approach that makes music enjoyable for your teen. We offer private lessons in classical, jazz, popular, rock, folk and world music styles.

To maximize a student’s musical potential, it’s important to start an instrument and stick with it over time. We’ll guide students to choose the right lessons and classes, and help you navigate the road to musical success!

Course Format

Batch Size: Minimum 2 Classes/Week, Maximum 6 Classes/Week (From Monday to Saturday)

Duration: 1 Hour/Class



  • Help them Understand how music is built by different elements.
  • Help them apply these understanding to work towards performing perfectly
  • To build understanding through listening and responding
  • Start to understand the nuances of performance

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